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Walking Sticks

Come in store to find our variety of different walking sticks with a wide range of colours you will be spoilt for choice. Our excellent team will be able to help find the right one for you.


In store with a wide range of folding walking sticks for you to pick from. By using a folding walking stick you are able to fold it with ease and place into small holders or to be able to carry it easier.

Folding Walking Stick


Tri-based Walking Stick

we have in store our wide based walking sticks with a wider surface base it helps with stability when walking with a stick and to make you feel more comfortable.


Wooden Walking Stick

we also have your traditional wooden walking sticks which you can pick from in store and have cu down to your perfect size.


Orthopaedic Handled Walking Stick

We also have in store with us moulded left handed sticks and moulded right handed sticks  to help with comfort when walking with a stick.

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