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Mobility Scooters

Before purchasing a mobility scooter, you must be aware that nearly every scooter is different. Finding a scooter perfect for you requires understanding it's different weight capacity, different handles, what terrain it can travel on and distance. Whether it can be taken apart to put inside the car or folded, if you require solid or pneumatic tyres and whether the scooter would be used singularly for pavement use or road use. We also offer test drives for those who are new to the world of mobility scooters. 
We have different mobility scooters in at different times.
4 mph pavement / boot scooters
8 mph road legal scooters
Manufacturers we stock or can get are
One Rehab, Sunrise Medical, Drive Devilbiss Healthcare, Roma Medical, Monarch Mobility, TGA

Please contact us for the up to date stock



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