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Rise and Recline chairs
Thinking of buying a new chair? Thinking a rise and recline chair would help you get up and out of the chair easier?  With less strain on your knees and back.
We measure you to assess the correct size and design of chair to give you the best comfortable sitting position.
Several standard design chairs available and made to measure chairs.
Made to measure chairs have a chose of fabrics including waterproof in various colours.
High risk of pressure sores then a made to measure chair with specialised memory foam will limit the risk of pressures sores.
If the chair is required for a person with a recognised medical condition, the chair will be zero rated VAT thus, saving 20% off of a retail price.

Pre made Rise and Recline chairs also available, supplied by One Rehab or Pride Mobility.

Made to Measure by Rise & Recline Ltd

Your new made to measure chair

deliveried within 10 working days

of the order being placed.  


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